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24-hour Emergency Service

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Serving Our Community

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  • I've been a homeowner for 20 years, and Air Authority delivered the BEST service I've ever had. I purchased an Angie's List deal for an AC check-up after a competitor told me my unit was leaking Freon and was drawing too much power, indicating the capacitor was about to go. I decided to get a second opinion, and I'm very glad I did! Chris K. came out to do the check-up. I didn't mention the competitor visit; I wanted his unbiased opinion. He thoroughly cleaned the unit outside, checked the system inside, and said everything was fine. No Freon leaks, no problem with the capacitor, nothing. Then he said the installer (again, the competitor) had only cut a 20" opening for a 24" filter, which was causing the whole system to work harder than it needed to. He cut out our more inches to improve that, and gave me some other tips for improving the performance and decreasing the wear and tear on the system. Chris is incredibly knowledgeable and professional, and was a pleasure to talk to. I plan to request him the next time I need service and will call on Air Authority anytime I need furnace or AC work done.
    Incredibly knowledgable and professional, David B.
  • Great customer service. From the initial investigation and bid to the installation, I am very satisfied with the way I was treated by the members of Air Authority.
    Great Customer Service!, Rober T.
  • Air conditioner went out on Sunday and they came that day and installed the bad part.
    Quick Response!, Ed W.
  • Great customer service and fast installation.
    Great customer service and fast installation., Patti J.
  • Strive for excellence in service and customer satisfaction. We are very impressed by the fact that the management team took ownership in seeing that the work and workmanship were executed according to code and to the satisfaction of the customers.
    Management team took ownership, William C.
  • Friendly, professional technician. He checked and cleaned the furnace and humidifier. He was finished in about an hour.
    Friendly, professional technician., Sharon M.
  • It went well. They did everything they said they would do. They are wonderful people!
    They are wonderful people!, Tim M.
  • Two technicians came out and it took them about 6 or 7 hours. They were professional and efficient. They were very responsive to give us an estimate and to do the work.
    Very responsive, Jennifer S.
  • An upstairs room does not get heat. I had them check to see if there was something wrong with the furnace.
    Overall grade = A, Shawn B.
  • We purchased a deal from Angie's List on cleaning and servicing our furnace. They checked it and cleaned it and it went great.
    It went great, Shirley S.
  • Furnace cleaning...also evaluated my humidity levels. Perfect.
    Perfect, Charles W.
  • Dear Air Authority: Super job from installation to heat! Thank you to all for such a warming job - and cleanup. I'd recommend YOU to anybody and everybody!! Sincerely, Mary Y.
    Super Job, Mary Y.
  • On time - thorough and neat job. We will use again.
    We will use again!, Laura B.
  • Thank you so much for taking a portion of your valuable time to come out to our house and talk us through the options of getting our existing air conditioner/heat pump problems taken care of, and especially for noticing on our original invoice for that equipment, that it came with a 10-year warranty that we are fortunate to still be well within. Your commitment to real "customer service" is invaluable to us, and just one of many reasons why we have been for years now, and will remain, loyal customers of Air Authority for many years to come. We look forward to working with you and your team to get our compressor issues resolved as quickly as possible.
    Your commitment to real "customer service" is invaluable to us, D.S.
  • We've used them for maintenance of our old furnace. It was during this that an issue was discovered with the old one and we replaced it with a newer one. So far the installation and everything went flawlessly. We are very satisfied.
    We are very satisfied, James B.
  • We purchased a home with a 10 year old furnace so we needed a company to service the system and install a humidifier. They were great. Showed up on time and kept me informed all along the way. When the serviceman was installing the humidifier he found a problem with a plumbing connection on the Hot Water heater and ran to Home Depot and sweated on a new fitting to fix the issue. That could have been a big issue if it had not been detected. When he was finished, he went out of his way to make sure we understood the operation of the unit, what he had done and type of wear and tear he noticed on the furnace. He tightened the anchor bolts on the motor which got rid of a noisy squeak. He checked the HVAC system and cleaned the furnace and we were VERY pleased with the service and will keep them as our servicing company. As he was leaving I tried to give him a tip, but he said that while appreciated the gesture, their company policy was not to accept tips. Goes a long way with their credibility as a company and his as a technician for them. While we were out of town last week the furnace quit working and my daughter discovered it. They were able to send someone over the next morning to fix the issues which turned out to be the igniter on the 10 year old system. Great response. We used another company at our previous house and this one beats them cold.
    We used another company at our previous house and this one beats them cold., David A.
  • Larry and the installers did an excellent job!
    Excellent Job!, Kevin S.
  • Very pleased with Air Authority - Great Job!
    Great Job!, Mike M.
  • Everything was A+ from getting the quote to installation. Prompt and professional!
    Everything was A+, Amy C.
  • It was very nice. Theirs was certainly in the ballpark. What they were doing sounded like it would be a little better for our situation here. They were very professional and very responsive. Everything that they did seemed very good and very professional. I felt some leakage at the very beginning but they came right back out and addressed those issues right away. The initial person who came out to evaluate everything was very professional and very good. He explained everything thoroughly. When they installed the unit, they were very careful about not tracking things in and out because it was a wet day. They worked very well and they seem to clean up after themselves very well.
    He explained everything thoroughly., Denise E.
  • Jim the technician is terrific! I request him all the time.
    Jim the technician is terrific!, Scott K.
  • The technician arrived on time. Put plastic slip covers on shoes before entering house. He was courteous, he performed the maintenance confidently and courteously and was careful to see if I had any questions and answered them well.
    Courteous and on time, William B.
  • My boyfriend knew that he needed a furnace. Air Authority had already given him a quote for a furnace. While he anticipated having the funds, due to circumstances beyond his control, he did not. Cooler temperatures created a rather urgent situation. However, Air Authority was not only helpful in walking him through a great financing plan, they fit him into the schedule within 24 hours and it was completed within one day. Thank you Air Authority, Larry C., and Morgan S. for a job well done.
    Air Authority was helpful, Deb C.
  • Phil was very efficient and showed me how everything worked.
    Phil was very efficient and showed me how everything worked., Nick B.
  • I have an annual contract with them to inspect my HVAC system twice a year. They do excellent work. They show up on time for the appointments. They do a thorough inspection.
    They do excellent work., Judy C.
  • I have a yearly contract with them to service the AC and furnace. I have used the company for about 7 months. Everything has gone very well and we have no complaints. One technician typically comes out and completes the service in about an hour and a half. They are punctual and courteous. They keep you informed on cost outside of service agreement and what repairs may be necessary. I chose the company because they are local and I like supporting local businesses.
    They are punctual and courteous., Laurie W.
  • John was great and took his time to explain things.
    John was great and took his time to explain things., Sandy S.
  • From the time that my boyfriend began to have trouble, Air Authority was responding to the issues. We tried the leak seal but when it didn't work, we were credited the cost towards the new equipment. Their schedule was full but they allowed us a portable unit to use until they could get to us. They were prompt, clean, professional, and all is working well 1 month later. Thanks to Larry for the quick response and scheduling accommodations.
    They were prompt, clean, professional, and all is working well 1 month later., Deb C.
  • After 23 years, our air conditioner finally quit working during the hottest month of the year. Knowing that we'd be looking to replace the air conditioner and furnace with a new system, we sought recommendations and quotes from several local businesses. Air Authority was very responsive and professional throughout the process. Their prices seemed to be in line with other comparable systems. It was ultimately the way that they (Dan) established trust that caused us to select them. Besides the initial in-person visit, we spoke with Dan several additional times before making our final decision, He was very helpful as we sorted through the "information-overload" of selecting the right new system for us. Upon making the decision to select Air Authority, they seemed focused and determined to get our family comfortable (with AC) as quickly as possible. In fact, Dan even offered to bring over a window unit to install in our master bedroom until they were able to do the actual install. No need though, as they were able to work out scheduling to get us installed very quickly. The professionalism and "customer first" attitude did not stop with Dan (sales) though. The crew that came to do the install was right on time and got right to work. They were very professional and friendly in their interactions and did an excellent job of cleaning up when they were done - including spreading mulch around the new AC pad! If you weren't their during the install, you never would known they were there. It was obvious that they took pride in their work and in representing Air Authority. When the install completed, the lead technician made sure to walk us through the entire system in detail and made sure we didn't have any questions before leaving. I'm very happy with our decision to select Air Authority. The sales, selection and installation process was all handled very well. I trust that any service interactions in the future will be equally impressive.
    "Customer First" Attitude, Jeff L.
  • Air Authority is an amazing company. Larry and Dan are the most knowledgeable persons. They were friendly, thoughtful and very professional. This is the best company with the best human beings. We were thrilled to know them and lucky to have them work on our furnace. No other company is like this company. It is the best out there!
    Air Authority is an amazing company, Xilin Y.
  • Awesome.
    Awesome, Brian H.
  • They are an awesome company! Absolutely unbelievable! They are the best company that we have ever worked with. The owner, Dan, and the project leader, Larry, are on top of it! They have a lot of knowledge in their work. They came in with at least two technicians, they installed the unit quickly and were very professional and friendly. They are good on their word, and if things go wrong, they own up to it and do everything possible to make it right.
    They are an awesome company! Absolutely unbelievable!, Wen C.
  • Air Authority did a fantastic job. Very prompt always. Very knowledgeable. Great contractor.
    Air Authority did a fantastic job, John C.
  • They came out and checked the pressure on the A/C and found it was low, added additional gas and recharged it.
    Satisfied, Ed W.
  • Researched a whole house air cleaner and decided to use Air Authority. They had the best product at the best price. Installation went smoothly and everyone we came into contact with was professional and friendly. This was exactly the experience we needed after using Willis One hour for previous needs. They were a nightmare. DO NOT USE WILLIS ONE HOUR!
    Installation went smoothly, Christy O.
  • The overall experience was excellent - the scheduler, their technician, their professionalism. Fantastic! And the fact that we experienced instant gratification was testament enough for my husband.
    Fantastic!, Jennifer B.
  • Very respectful, informative and friendly. Never fun to have this done to your home, but the sales rep made it very painless.
    Sales Rep made it very painless, Brad A.
  • Air Authority gave same day service when our AC went out, faster than previous provider.
    Air Authority gave same day service when our AC went out, Tom N.
  • We were exceptionally pleased with the whole experience dealing with Air Authority. The salesman, Dan came out first thing in the morning the day after we called. He checked everything out with the system we have and explained the different models we should consider. We had already met with the company that we have a service contract with who also carries Trane. We decided to go with Air Authority, because of the knowledgeable salesman. Dan said he couldn't get the install scheduled for about a week and a half, but they would come out that afternoon and install a large window unit that would cool the living area. However, early that afternoon he called back and said they had a cancellation and would be out to install the new system that afternoon. It was in the 90's with high humidity that week, so we were very happy to get it installed that day, but we even if we had to wait for the installation we would have gone with Air Authority. I will be recommending them to friends and family. Thank you to Dan, it was a pleasure working with you.
    I will be recommending them to friends and family, Karen O.
  • Sales and installation crew were courteous and knowledgeable.
    Courteous and knowledgeable, Mike B.
  • The technician showed up on time. Performed all the tests and cleaned the A/C unit and air handler as well as a filter change. I am always satisfied with their professionalism.
    Always satisfied with their professionalism, Robert B.
  • Just wanted to drop a note and say "Great Job". AC went out Tuesday night. I called at about 9:00pm asked for a service call for Wednesday morning. Got a phone call at 7:30am Wednesday said that Jim could be there by 8:00am. Jim showed up early, diagnosed the problem, gave me a quote, sold me on the service agreement and had the unit fixed in no time. Very professional. That's why me and my Mom, who lives next door, use you guys. Always great service, never any surprised. Thanks again. Jim's a keeper. Great job!!
    Great Job, Bob E.
  • Air Authority did a great job very professional. Needed to recharge older air conditioner unit after removing and re-installing. They checked everything thoroughly and made recommendations. I like to ask questions and they gave me lots of good information. Will use every time I need heating and air.
    Very professional, Blake B.
  • I valued the direct conversation we had from the first phone call. The brand name, price, and efficiency put Air Authority and Trane as the optimal choice over two competing quotes. They arrived promptly and left a spotless installation. I am frankly, surprised how quiet the system is in my home. I also believe the temperature is more uniform. So far I am satisfied beyond my expectations.
    I valued the direct conversation we had from the first phone call., Bob K.
  • We had bought our furnace/AC unit from another company in Mason several years ago. We were going on vacation and noticed that the house was not cooling down. We called the other company and they were unable to respond to our request of getting someone out to look at it prior to us leaving. So, instead, I called Air Authority and explained our situation (we had dog & house sitters set to arrive) and they sent out Larry B. that same evening. He determined we would need a part & made sure it was under warranty. Unfortunately, the part didn't come in until a week after we got back from vacation. I would definitely do business with Air Authority again. They were prompt, professional and most of all, went out of their way to help us prior to our leaving town, including follow-up phone calls with the status of the parts. The A/C is fixed and it's working great!
    Went out of their way to help us, Mary Ann V.
  • Dan Rupert runs a great operation!!
    Dan Rupert runs a great operation!!, David L.
  • Job well done.
    Job well done., Todd H.
  • Very pleased with our experience with Air Authority, starting from the initial contact with Sales Specialist Dan, through the installation and start-up. Air Authority works with the brand we wanted, Trane, and their price was competitive with other companies selling Trane systems. Dan, a former installer, provided excellent information, stayed in contact throughout the process, and focused on satisfying our HVAC needs, rather than "upselling" beyond what was best for our home and situation. In addition to installing the new system, Air Authority, based upon Dan's recommendation, modified the return ducting to improve airflow to optimize system efficiency beyond that which existed for the previous system. Installation went great, and we appreciated the post-installation follow-up by Air Authority personnel to make sure everything was in order. Overall, a very positive and pleasing experience.
    Very pleased with our experience with Air Authority, William G.
  • Thanks very much for all of your extra efforts when replacing our air conditioner. The extra work that you put in when taking care of the duct work was very much appreciated. Looking forward to a cool summer inside the house - can't control the outside.
    Thanks very much for all of your extra efforts, Tom & Charlotte G
  • My heat pump had totally broke down. I called three companies to give me an estimate. Dan personally came out and we sat down and designed a whole new system including a new furnace, new heat pump and changing some existing duct work. They sell Trane systems and Trane was offering 48 months same as cash. To get that deal I had to buy the cadillac of systems. It is well worth it. No fan noise. All rooms are now heating and cooling properly. The unit advertises I could save upt to 67% off my HVAC portion of my electric bill. It just might pay for itself. The unit also came with a phone app that I can control the thermostat from my phone. Very Cool
    The unit also came with a phone app that I can control the thermostat from my phone. Very Cool., Bruce T.
  • The estimator (Dan) took the time to explain everything thoroughly. Dan was very friendly and professional. He reviewed my situation and came back with a recommendation that included changing the return duct size. Other companies that look at the system were just going to change like-for-like. I appreciated that Air Authority cared to provide what was best for me. The installers were also friendly. There was a minor problem with the installation, but Air Authority promptly resolved the situation. I would definitely hire them again!
    I would definitely hire them again!, Julie W.
  • Cleaned and replaced Humidifier filters. Also did annual check up and review of heating coil and furnace. Went very well! Good tech helped me understand how much life I had I had left in the furnace.
    Went very well!, Rick J.
  • It's been a awhile since I had the service, but they were quick to schedule an appointment, showed up on time, did a good job, were courteous and professional. I'd definitely use them again.
    I'd definitely use them again., Steph S.
  • We received quotes from three companies, and Air Authority was the best price along with the best customer service. The units quoted were roughly the same from different manufacturers. Dan came out the same day that I called and was very pleasant to work with. He did not try to oversell us, but gave us information about a unit that would best serve our needs. They were able to install the day after we chose them for the project, and they completed in less time than expected which meant the project was finished in one day and we were back in our home with heat. The install was very professional, they treated our home with respect and left it very clean. Air Authority submitted a rebate to Duke Energy for us, and followed up with a nice card thanking us for our patronage, and I know that if we have any issues they will be prompt to resolve them. I am so happy that we chose Air Authority for our HVAC purchase and install.
    Very professional and treated our home with respect, Cameron L.
  • Great team all round. Highly satisfied.
    Highly Satisfied, Seppe I.
  • He quickly diagnosed the problem. We were satisfied with the professionalism and promptness of the weekend service.
    Quickly Diagnosed the Problem,
  • Installed new air conditioner. Later we called for heater repair. Both times they were punctual, reasonable in price, professional.
    Professional, Jayne W.
  • Very satisfied with Air Authority.
    Very Satisfied, Tom R.
  • They did a great job from sales to installation. The installers were neat and friendly.
    Neat and Friendly, Tom F.
  • They were good and the work was great. They were really nice and on time.
    Work was Great, Steph J.
  • With current "cold" spell, very pleased with our new furnace.
    Very Pleased, Lou S.
  • Fast and wonderful service!
    Fast and wonderful service!, Steven P.
  • Thank you for everything. You guys were great!
    Thank you for everything. You guys were great!, Chris S.
  • Jim from Air Authority showed up right on time for his appointment. I showed him the furnace and I asked him a dew questions about it which he gladly answered. Jim told me the issues my particular model of furnace is known to has as they age and then began his service. After the inspection he said it was not showing any typical age related issues and there were no surprise charges, no "found problems" and no attempts to sell me something I did not want (like a service plan). My furnace is now 13 years years old and I asked Jim what the life expectancy is and what I can expect as a cost when it comes time to replace it. I expected a vague answer with no real cost attached, but he was able to tell me fairly specific prices for the 3 different levels they sell. There was no pressure to "upgrade now" or anything like that he was just answering the questions I asked. Overall, I was happy with the service I received and I will use them again in the future.
    I will use them again in the future., Eric D.
  • The installer did a great job!
    The installer did a great job!, Bill P.
  • Terry was very polite and reasonably priced. The company called to tell me he was on his way which I liked.
    Very polite and reasonably priced., Lynn K.
  • I called at 7am and Air Authority had a service manager at my door by 8am. He quickly diagnosed and fixed the problem. I appreciated the honesty and thorough explanation provided.
    Called at 7am and there by 8am!, F.I.
  • Service tech Terry arrived timely, courteous and soft spoken. Worked quietly, neatly and with respect to the environment.
    Timely and Courteous, Nancy V.
  • They worked with us on every detail and addressed all of our concerns. Communication was excellent, both prompt and clear. I am pregnant and they worked with us to improve air flow to the nursery as part of the project. We got quotes from three companies and Air Authority was the most competitive, but also had the most professional service. It took us several days to come to a decision on how much we wanted to do (replace just the furnace or the a/c too?) and they were helpful the entire time and once we finally made a decision they worked to get us scheduled right away, just in time to have heat again before the snow hit. As part of the service, they came back a few weeks later to check the performance of the furnace and fine tune the settings. Nothing but great things to say about this company.  
    Nothing but great things to say about this company, Angela R.
  • Scheduling was easy and convenient. They called day before with reminder and called again when the service repairman was on his way. He was professional in his mannerism and knowledge. Finished in a timely manner and explained all services completed well.
    Easy and Convenient, Carin M.
  • The workmen were very nice. The salesman was also very considerate.
    Nice!, Veria W.
  • Terry was kind and knowledgeable. I felt listened to, he explained the cleaning process and offered suggestions to balance the heat in bedrooms upstairs. I purchased the service plan and a filter. Air Authority is highly recommended.
    Air Authority is highly recommended, Kathie M.
  • I have used them for two air conditioners and one furnace this year. The last two jobs were done over the phone while I was out of town. This makes it very convenient. On the last job I shopped them against another provider and they were several hundred dollars cheaper. The convenience of handling everything over the phone is great.
    Over the phone, Shawn B.
  • Terry Walker was the tech. Very good guy! Helpful, proactive, good explanations.
    Helpful and Proactive, Margaret W.
  • Very satisfied with timeliness, cleanliness and courtesy. Previous experience with Trane is good. This is the first time I've used Air Authority, the whole team, from management to installers, were very professional.
    Very Professional, Jim G.
  • They replaced our air conditioning unit because it was burnt out. It took about two days to complete the work. They also put a vent on the roof. They did a wonderful job and the work is held up well. After we used them, some of our neighbors used them to replace their units. The technicians worked well together and my husband was especially pleased that they didn't take the easy way out. They made sure to protect our home and we have no complaints with the service.
    Some of our neighbors used them to, Patricia M.
  • Terry came at time, we agreed on and the company had already called to let me know he was on the way. Terry was very professional, worked on the furnace and suggested we clean air cleaner more often.
    On time and professional, Karen B.
  • Larry was prompt and very professional. Pricing was very fair. Exceeded my expectations. Will definitely use them again.
    Exceeded my expectations, Lori S.
  • Terry came on time, he showed my 3 1/2 old son what he was doing.
    Terry came on time, Donna P.
  • Very satisfied with Air Authority!
    Very Satisfied, Robert S.
  • All employees were very friendly and business like - from the young ladies on the phones to Mr. Rupert and Dan and the two installers, Morgan and Tony.
    Very friendly and business like, Pete S.
  • Our experience with this contractor, Air Authority, has been very satisfactory each time we have used them.
    Our Experience with Air Authority, Phil P.
  • We trust Air Authority and have an on-going Service/Maintenance Agreement. We accepted the recommendation to go with Trane from our Service Tech, Sales Rep and nephew who works for Trane in Lexington Kentucky.
    We trust Air Authority, Ray H.
  • I really like this company. They seem to really care about their customers and their work.
    I Really Like This Company, Gina B.
  • Incredible service!
    Incredible Service!, Michelle S.
  • Exactly on time. Very professional work completed in quality manner.
    Exactly on time, Dave R.
  • Prompt and courteous servicing tech, used shoe protection in house, service took about one hour.
    Prompt and Courteous, James A.
  • As always, the technician was prompt, courteous, and wore coverings on his shoes. The gentleman did a great job cleaning the furnace, air cleaner, and also cleaned out the PVC parts of the dehumidifier and showed me the build up that was in it. We have used Air Authority since 2007 when they saved us during a heat wave. Our Son was graduating from high school and the AC stopped working two days before the party. The heat was to be in the mid 90's and we had a house full of people coming. The owner came out, measured, and gave us a price to replace the entire unit. It was installed, and working the day before the party. The owner of Air Authority called us the morning of the party to make sure it was working. That is the kind of service you can't give enough praise. Since 2007 we have used only Air Authority because when you need them, they come right out and take care of their customers.
    We have used Air Authority since 2007, Jerri V.
  • Excellent job, explained everything to us.
    Excellent Job, Eileena M.
  • Service was professional and thorough. I have been using this company to service my heating and a/c unit for a couple of years now and I've always been happy with the service. The additional charge findings were presented with no pressure to buy but gave me all the details I needed to make a decision I felt comfortable with.
    Service was Professional and Thorough, Marti L.
  • Air Authority has serviced our furnaces and A/C for years. Was here for about 1 hour. Everything was good.
    Everything was Good, Denise D.
  • On time, good communication, careful on clean up. Great service.
    Great Service, Deb R.
  • I called them the first thing in the morning and they were here by lunch. My 4 yr old Trane furnace was turned off the day prior due to the technician from another company stating the heat exchanger was cracked and I need a new furnace or replace current heat exchanger. So, Air Authority came out for a free 2nd opinion. Jim the technician here stated Trane has a test the other company did not perform to decide the safety of this furnace. After performing the test said CO emissions are within the normal parameters for a furnace. I do not need to do anything. I was told the Trane has built in safety operations that will shut it down if it becomes dangerous.
    They were here by lunch, Michelle H.
  • From the sales visit to the installation, Air Authority exceeded all our expectations. We went with Air Authority because when we had them clean our old system last fall the difference in the job they did versus the company we had been using was a real eye opener. The company we had been using (and who we thought was doing a decent job) did about 50% of what Air Authority did and charged more. Based on the professional cleaning job they did we had them quote on a complete system replacement.
    Exceeded Expectations!, William M.
  • Exactly on time very professional work completed in a timely manner.
    On Time, Dave R.
  • I wanted to thank you and your folks for getting me back up and running with a new AC unit so quickly. Throughout the process, I had the opportunity to interact with 6 or 7 different people from your organization and I have to say that everyone of them were very professional, excited to take care of a customer, and I could tell they loved their job and working for Air Authority.   I know from running a division of GE for 25 years that having a strong enthusiastic team doesn't happen by accident.  It's the product of a great leader effectively communicating a clear vision of what he wants his company to look like.  You should be very proud of what you've accomplished.
    Thank you!, Bill C.
  • Well done! I would definitely recommend Ait Authority and Trane to my friends and relatives.
    Well Done!, Bill H.
  • It was a very good impression that they knew their stuff and very professional.
    Professional, Kathy L.
  • GREAT! They were very professional, courteous, experienced, well equipped with parts. From the receptionist to the serviceman, it was a very wonderful experience.  
    GREAT!, Shonda P.
  • Thank you for the work you did, your patience and being courteous and kind. It feels good to have heat over there. Thank you a lot! Good Job!
    Happy Customer, Susan Chaney